The 10 Best Winter Wedding Suits For Grooms

Published on: 2023-10-25

Winter Wedding Groom Suits

Ah, the charm of a winter wedding! The sparkling snow, the chilled champagne, and the groom dressed in his winter wedding groom suit, stealing the show.

Dive into our curated collection of ten mesmerizing tuxedos and suits designed specifically for those frosty nuptials. Whether you're the epitome of classic elegance, an advocate for sustainable fashion, or simply love to embrace the unexpected, we've got you covered. Check out our bestseller Calvary Green Tuxedo

1. Black Wool Tuxedo

Channel the suaveness of James Bond with this opulent black tuxedo fashioned from super 120s merino wool. Tailored for the winter wedding groom suit aficionado who craves classic elegance, it’s the quintessential attire for those ready to make a sophisticated entrance. Imagine it - you, the shiny patent shoes, and a sleek bowtie, ready to kick off a grand winter celebration in style!

Shop here: Classic Black Wool Tuxedo

2. Calvary Green Velvet Tuxedo

Bring the enchanted forest to your winter wedding with the Calvary Green Velvet Tuxedo! More than just clothing, it's a tactile luxury. Its uncrushable velvet offers a snug embrace, shimmering subtly as you make your way to the dance floor. A delightful twist on the classic winter wedding groom suit.

Shop here: Calvary Green Velvet Tuxedo

3. Rust Terracotta Velvet Tuxedo

This outfit screams warmth and snugness with a touch of vintage elegance. Its velvet texture feels comforting, making it perfect for those winter vibes. To truly embrace the season, pair it with a velvet bowtie for a cohesive and stylish look.

Shop here: Rust Terracotta Velvet Tuxedo

4. Royal Blue Wool Tuxedo

Every groom deserves to feel regal on his wedding day. This tuxedo, with its majestic blue shade, ensures just that. Complement this royal vibe with a black silk bowtie and polished patent leather shoes. For a personal touch, consider adding custom cufflinks that resonate with your love story.

Shop here: Royal Blue Wool Tuxedo

5. Coffee Brown Herringbone Wool Suit

This suit beautifully encapsulates the calm of a fresh winter morning. Its herringbone pattern subtly mirrors nature's frosty designs. To further the cozy, winter-inspired appeal, team it with an earthy woolen tie and perhaps a cologne infused with cedarwood notes for a holistic warm feeling.

Shop here: Coffee Brown Herringbone Wool Suit

6. British Navy Vegan Suit

Meet the future of winter wedding fashion - the British Navy Vegan Suit! Crafted with upcycled viscose and lycra, it's more than a stylish choice; it's an ode to sustainability. For the groom who wishes to look suave and make an eco-conscious statement, this is your match.

Shop here: British Navy Vegan Suit

7. Austin Green Vegan Suit

The Austin Green Vegan Suit is a testament to style and sustainability, tailored specifically for the nature-loving groom. As you step out in this eco-friendly winter wedding groom suit, rest assured you're making a statement that's both fashionable and forward-thinking.

Shop here: Austin Green Vegan Suit

8. Navy Herringbone Wool Suit

Set sail on the sartorial seas with the Navy Herringbone Wool Suit. Exquisitely crafted from super 120s merino wool, this winter wedding groom suit offers a blend of timeless elegance and nautical charm, ensuring you make waves wherever you go.

Shop here: Navy Herringbone Wool Suit

9. Sage Green Wool Suit

Infuse your winter wedding with a burst of freshness via the Sage Green Wool Suit. A delightful twist on the traditional winter groom attire, this suit promises a refreshing ensemble that captures the essence of a crisp winter morning.

Shop here: Sage Green Wool Suit

10. Portland Dusty Rose Wool Suit

Romance takes center stage with the Portland Dusty Rose Wool Suit. A beautiful concoction of super 120s merino wool, it paints a poetic picture, making it an ideal winter wedding groom suit for those moments filled with love and tenderness.

Shop here: Portland Dusty Rose Wool Suit


As the winter winds usher in the season of love, remember that the perfect winter wedding groom suit is not just about aesthetics but an expression of your personality.

Whether you lean towards the opulence of velvet, the sustainability of vegan suits, or the timeless elegance of wool, ensure your choice resonates with your unique love story. Here's to beginning this frosty chapter with warmth, love, and unparalleled style!

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