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Every individual is unique, every story different. In a world that's always racing, it's time to hit pause and indulge in the art of self-expression.

Hangrr's custom clothing, with its attention to detail and dedication to individuality, is more than just a fashion choice, it's a celebration of your unique narrative. At Hangrr, we invite you to partake in this celebration, to craft your identity and curate a wardrobe that's truly yours.

When you choose custom, you're not just selecting clothing - you're embarking on a journey of self-expression, creative satisfaction, and the delight of owning a masterpiece designed uniquely for you.

" The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul."

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf


revel in the
of self-expression

As every individual holds a unique rhythm, we at Hangrr provide the platform for your melody to resonate. Custom clothing with us is not merely a purchase, it's a journey of creating something that mirrors your unique essence. Paying homage to every minute detail and resonating with your individuality, we help you orchestrate a wardrobe that is truly your own. Step into the realm of personal style with us and let your clothing sing your song.

Utilizing our advanced AI technology, we make certain that each garment is precision-crafted to your exact measurements and preferences. We will ensure that your custom attire doesn't just fit you perfectly but also profoundly encapsulates your individuality.
Why Hangrr?

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We not only make the best custom suits - but through path-breaking a.i. technology & sustainable manufacturing, we are drastically reducing textile waste, water usage & natural resource wastage.

  Championing Sustainability - Fashion for good

How we can help you create:

+ State-of-the-Art Technology
We've harnessed the power of AI to revolutionize the tailoring process. Our advanced algorithm takes into account a range of factors including your unique measurements and preferences to create a pattern that fits perfectly, every time. This ensures precision that human tailors can't match, eliminating common issues like ill-fitting sleeves or an uncomfortable waistline.
+ Unleashing Your Unique Style
Our AI isn't just about fit – it also helps us better understand and cater to your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic silhouette or a modern, slim-fit design, our technology can adapt to your preferences and consistently deliver suits that not only fit perfectly but also mirror your unique style.
+ Personal Stylist Support
At Hangrr, we understand that technology, while transformative, is most powerful when coupled with human touch. That's why we provide personal stylist support for our customers. Our stylists help guide you through the process, making it easy and enjoyable, while ensuring your suit perfectly encapsulates your style and preferences. By integrating modern technology with personalized support and timeless tailoring, Hangrr empowers your individuality and redefines the experience of wearing a suit.
+ Tailoring Beyond the Ordinary
Traditional tailoring methods often limit the options available to customers. With Hangrr, there are no such limitations. Our technology allows us to offer a wide variety of styles, cuts, and fabrics, enabling you to find or create the suit that you've always dreamed of.

Fitted by A.i.

Sustainable custom suits


At Hangrr, hand-crafted art meets artificial intelligence to create stunning customized clothing for you. The result - you enjoy custom-fitted, sustainable & high-quality clothing, and our planet sees an 85% reduction in textile-related landfills & 76% reduction in freshwater use.

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responsible manufacturing
Hand crafted
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Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.

- Aristotle


excellence that
your worth.

Hangrr's Custom clothing stands as a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Every stitch, every seam, every detail is carefully executed, showcasing the skill and dedication that goes into creating your custom piece. It's not just a piece of clothing you're investing in, but a work of art that's designed to last.

We offer the freedom to choose materials that align with your tastes, lifestyle, and ethical choices. At Hangrr, our commitment to superior quality echoes your personal value and the worth you place on durability and exceptional craftsmanship.

Sustainable suits inclusive

Natural Luxury Fabrics

plant based suits
cool natural fibers
linen suits
wool suits
cotton suits
manmade materials

Quality begins with sourcing. At Hangrr, we meticulously select materials that are not only premium in quality but also sourced responsibly. From cotton and wool to linen and performance fabrics, our commitment to ethical sourcing ensures we respect the environment and the people involved in the production process.


+ Why should I choose custom clothing over ready-to-wear?
Choosing custom clothing over ready-to-wear is like selecting a gourmet meal over fast food. While ready-to-wear clothing can serve the purpose of covering you up, custom clothing from Hangrr is designed to celebrate your individuality. Our advanced AI technology and dedicated personal stylist ensure a perfect fit, unique style, and comfort that ready-to-wear clothing often can't provide. Plus, the joy of seeing your design ideas come to life is an experience that ready-to-wear shopping simply can't match.
+ What makes the quality of Hangrr clothing superior?
Hangrr's custom clothing stands superior due to its attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the quality of materials used. Every Hangrr suit is a labor of love, painstakingly crafted by our skilled artisans. Unlike mass-produced garments, our custom clothes aren't rushed on a factory line but meticulously tailored to your specifications. Additionally, our AI technology ensures precise measurements, reducing the chances of misfits, thereby elevating the overall quality of your clothing.
+ Why should I consider the materials used in my clothing?
The materials used in your clothing affect not only how it looks and feels, but also its durability, comfort, and impact on the environment. At Hangrr, we use high-quality, ethically sourced materials that are meant to last. Our fabrics not only feel good against your skin, but also align with a sustainable and ethical lifestyle, ensuring that your wardrobe is as conscientious as it is stylish.
+ How does Hangrr offer higher quality at affordable prices?
Hangrr leverages AI and direct-to-consumer strategy to cut out middlemen and unnecessary overheads, passing on the cost benefits to you. Our AI technology enhances accuracy and efficiency, reducing waste and lowering costs. Plus, by selling directly to you online, we avoid retail markups. Thus, Hangrr is able to provide you with premium, custom-made clothing at a fraction of traditional retail prices.
+ What steps does Hangrr take to ensure ethical manufacturing while enhancing quality?
At Hangrr, our artisans are the heart of our operation. We value their craftsmanship and ensure fair remuneration that's twice the industry standard. Our workspaces are designed for safety and comfort, fostering a happy environment that directly impacts the quality of our products. Additionally, we've introduced AI assistance in our production process. Our AI, Lenna, streamlines the process, reducing waste and aiding in maintaining exceptional craftsmanship. With Hangrr, you get not only a superior product but also contribute to a sustainable, ethically-driven fashion industry.


Promises are the uniquely human way of ordering the future, making it predictable and reliable to the extent that this is humanly possible."

- Hannah Arendt

#Our Promise


Our fit is our promise, and it's one we take seriously. We've infused the accuracy of AI with the traditional art of tailoring to deliver a fit that is as unique as you are. The result? A near-zero alteration requirement that revolutionizes the world of custom clothing.

At Hangrr, we've created a fit experience that is unparalleled. Our advanced AI technology learns your fit preferences to deliver a tailored suit that feels like second skin. From the first stitch to the last button, each detail is calibrated for your comfort and style.

That's why we've backed our offering with a strong, customer-centric guarantee - an unwavering promise that comprises our 180-Day Alteration Guarantee, 30-Day Free Remakes, and a 100% Fit Guarantee.
About Hangrr Tech

100% guaranteed
A.i. powered

Hangrr makes fit woes a thing of the past. With just a few basic details from you, our advanced AI predicts your precise measurements. We craft a digital profile to tailor a suit that fits perfectly, right down to the last stitch. Welcome to the future of precision and individuality.

KNOW our A.i. ➔
  The backbone of the change - Lenna
+ How does Hangrr ensure the perfect fit for their custom clothing?
At Hangrr, perfection isn't an afterthought; it's an integral part of our process. We utilize our advanced AI system, Lenna, which predicts 31 measurements from just 4 inputs with an accuracy of 96%. This ensures that every piece we craft aligns with your unique body shape and size. Our stylists review these measurements and suggest tweaks if necessary, ensuring a garment that fits like a second skin.

Leveraging this technology, we're able to construct the most accurate patterns - the foundation of your garment - providing a near bespoke experience previously unheard of in the realm of made-to-measure clothing.
+ Is there human intervention in the custom clothing process?
Absolutely! While our AI forms the foundation of the process, each order is personally reviewed by an experienced stylist. This stylist adds nuanced data and insights regarding your body shapes and postures, helping us rectify common fit issues encountered in men's suits and further enhancing the accuracy of fit.
+ How is Hangrr different from other made-to-measure brands?
Unlike traditional made-to-measure players, at Hangrr, every pattern is created from scratch for every individual customer. This isn't just about different measurements - it's about different body shapes, postures, and personal style preferences. With Hangrr, you're not just choosing a garment that fits you; you're choosing a garment that's crafted for you, that's as unique as you.
+ What do you mean by "a garment that's as unique as you"?
At Hangrr, we believe that your clothing should reflect your individuality. This is why we don't just adjust measurements on standard patterns like many other brands do. Instead, we create a unique pattern for every single order, taking into account not just your measurements, but also your body shape, posture, and personal style preferences. The result is a garment that is truly made for you, and only you.