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Hangrr as seen on Esquire
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Jonathan Hurst

My hangrr suit is comparable to my Armani suit, and Versace Suit
- Jonathan Hurst, USA

The fabric quality is impressive - I have an Armani suit, and John Varvatos Suit, a couple of Versace suits - and when I wear your suits people come up and think it's like a $2k+ suit. It looks really good and the fabric does what it should by staying to form and not collecting wrinkles just by day to day movement. The details like stitching, and buttons, and other subtle accents lend to being recognized as a nice, well-made suit.

Review for: Suits / Classic
Deryl Grace

The custom made Tuxedo fit me excellent! Perfect!
- Deryl Grace, USA

Thanks for all your efforts. The measurements were accurate and it really made an impression on my wife. I will be sure to order more n the future and I highly recommend your services. Very impressed for an online order with self instructed measurement guides and a few photos that resulted in an outstanding fit on the first try.

Review for: Suits / Tuxedo
Victor Colella

Received my first tailored suit and its beautiful :) Loved It!
- Victor Colella, USA

So, I received my suit last week, and its beautiful and I really like it. Slight issue with the trouser which I got altered locally. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to making further purchases.

Review for: Suits
Timothy Fish

Very satisfied with the look and quality of the suit.
- Timothy Fish, USA

The Jacket seems to fit and looks good and the pants length is good as well. The pants would require a slight alteration, which I would do locally. Thanks for the overall quality and the fit.

Review for: Suits
Doug Parkhurst

Fit to Fly! Love it!
- Doug Parkhurst, USA

I recently purchased a Safari Suit from your company and I am very pleased with the quality and fit. I would like to make more purchases of some more suits.

Review for: Suits / Safari
James de Jongh

8-10 Safari Suits from you and I love each one of them!
- James de Jongh, USA

I just wanted to send a note to let you know how very pleased I am with the two suits and with the high level of service you provided. The suits were delivered at a fast speed and I will be ordering again shortly. Thanks for an exceptional service!

Review for: Suits / Safari
Yanik Sterchi

Loved the Quality, Service & Fit! Top Notch
- Yanik Sterchi, Switzerland

Thanks for producing a Suit for me. I love the Suit, it fits me perfectly well and the accompanying Shirt is made just right. Thanks for making this happen!

Review for: Suits
Pako Major

At this point, I'd say I'm 98% happy with the fit.
- Pako Major, USA

i got the suits in on time. I'm very happy about that. Further, the suit-coat has a perfect fit! I'm really happy it came out so well, in both the gray and black suits

Review for: Suits
Luis Fernandez

Super friendly customer service! Loved the overall experience.
- Luis Fernandez, Curacao

I liked the quality of the suit and the overall experience was good. I would rate customer support as 5/5, as they are super friendly and the follow up is excellent. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Review for: Suits
David Cox

Suited with Hangrr for the Dinner with the Royals!
- David Cox, UK

I entrusted Hangrr to produce a Suit for me for the Dinners with the Royal family and they did an amazing job. The suit was produced in fast speed and fitted perfectly. I have worn the suit on several occasions and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family in the UK.

Review for: Suits / Jodhpuri
George Kesse

I am truly 100% satisfied and I look forward to my future tuxedos
- George Kesse, USA

Received my Tuxedo today and it is truly Perfect!!!! I am truly impressed with the packaging, quality, and fit!!!! I appreciate the garment bag and all the assistance you provided!!!! I am truly 100% satisfied and I look forward to my future tuxedos!!! Also, I will be telling everyone I know to utilize Hangrr!!! Customer for Life.

Review for: Suits / Tuxedo
Justin Simmons

The Linen Suit fit perfectly well. Thanks!
- Justin Simmons, USA

Overall the Jacket fits very well. The fit of the pants through the waist and hips was very good. They sit perfectly well across the front and pockets. The length is perfect as well. I would say its a 98% accuracy of a good fit.

Review for: Suits
Alfred Sng

Appreciate the Quality and Service. Highly Impressed.
- Alfred Sng, Singapore

The in-person measurement service was good and I appreciate it. Overall quality of the Suit was good and represent a high quality workmanship. Highly impressed.

Review for: Suits
Ian Done

My sincere gratitude to all your team! Thanks a lot!
- Ian Done, UK

Thank You so much for the Safari Suit. It arrived on my birthday and it fits perfectly well. The next orders are going to follow during the coming weeks. Once again thanks for everything!

Review for: Suits / Safari
Chad Mills

Got a tuxedo for my wedding and I would strongly recommend Hangrr!
- Chad Mills, USA

I got a suit from Hangrr for my wedding because I couldn't find anything in an interesting color locally and their fittings gave me confidence that I'd get something that would fit great despite ordering it from a distance. The suit fit surprisingly well with a couple minor adjustments needed. That worked out great! It was a bit unfortunate to have an issue but they handled it incredibly well and I'd recommend them.

Review for: Suits / Tuxedo
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