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Fashion as it Should Be: Ethical, Sustainable, and Personal

We believe in a world where you don't have to choose between looking great and doing good. By marrying advanced AI technology with the age-old art of tailoring, we are crafting a future where each garment is made with intention and consideration for our planet.

Slow Fashion
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The mass production of clothing is a significant contributor to environmental degradation. It not only leads to the creation of excess waste but also contributes to resource depletion and increased greenhouse gas emissions. This is where our unique AI, Lenna, steps in.

" Technology-led transformations are not about the technology. They are about the transformations."

- Michael E. Porter

#Why A.i.

building a

By leveraging AI to create clothing that perfectly fits each customer, we avoid overproduction and thus the waste that comes with it. Lenna's precision enables us to create clothing on-demand, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Each custom-tailored garment is not just a statement of personal style but also a small victory in the fight against climate change.

Lenna is not merely a tool for creating custom-fit clothing, but a technological innovation designed to minimize waste and maximize sustainability in the fashion industry.
Transform fashion

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is now yours

Now you can build a future where your wardrobe choices contribute positively to the planet and people. You now have the power to transform artisan lives & bring positive change. You get to decide the future of fashion and this planet.

  Be A Changemaker
+ State-of-the-Art Technology
We've harnessed the power of AI to revolutionize the tailoring process. Our advanced algorithm takes into account a range of factors including your unique measurements and preferences to create a pattern that fits perfectly, every time. This ensures precision that human tailors can't match, eliminating common issues like ill-fitting sleeves or an uncomfortable waistline.
+ Unleashing Your Unique Style
Our AI isn't just about fit – it also helps us better understand and cater to your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic silhouette or a modern, slim-fit design, our technology can adapt to your preferences and consistently deliver suits that not only fit perfectly but also mirror your unique style.
+ Tailoring Beyond the Ordinary
Traditional tailoring methods often limit the options available to customers. With Hangrr, there are no such limitations. Our technology allows us to offer a wide variety of styles, cuts, and fabrics, enabling you to find or create the suit that you've always dreamed of.
+ Personal Stylist Support
At Hangrr, we understand that technology, while transformative, is most powerful when coupled with human touch. That's why we provide personal stylist support for our customers. Our stylists help guide you through the process, making it easy and enjoyable, while ensuring your suit perfectly encapsulates your style and preferences. By integrating modern technology with personalized support and timeless tailoring, Hangrr empowers your individuality and redefines the experience of wearing a suit.

fashion for good


Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination"

- Daniel Bell

#The Power

knowledge of a
stylists + master tailors

Lenna is not your average AI model. She is a revolutionary force tailor-made for the fashion industry, embodying the collective intelligence of over a thousand stylists and master tailors. With just four inputs from you, she predicts 31 measurements with a whopping 96% accuracy. Lenna is a thousand fashion stylists condensed into one, working tirelessly to deliver the perfect fit for you.

Unlike common AI applications, Lenna isn't made as a chatbot or search engine. She's here with a laser-focused mission to make you look your best while helping artisans and the planet. With her, it's always about getting things done with precision and efficiency!

Power of ai

+ Goodbye Mass Production, Hello Mass Customization
Lenna’s brilliance is not just in her precision but also her efficiency. With her help, we're waving goodbye to mass production and saying hello to mass customization. Each garment is tailor-made to your exact specifications, which not only ensures a perfect fit but also drastically reduces waste.
+ Sustainability Through Precision
Precision tailoring is not just about style and comfort; it's also a crucial step towards sustainability. By producing only what we need, we are able to significantly cut down on textile waste. Lenna, through her accurate predictions, plays a pivotal role in driving this change.
+ The Brain Behind Lenna: Meet Rish
The genius behind Lenna is Rishabh, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, who developed a strong passion for image processing, computer algorithms, and machine learning. After contributing to the Aadhaar project with his groundbreaking algorithms, he embarked on a journey to revolutionize the fashion industry with Hangrr. In his quest to create Lenna, Rish mastered pattern making, custom fitted nearly 4000 customers, and set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing hub. He envisions a future where fashion is fully automated, yet customized to every individual’s preferences. He's not just dreaming of a better fashion industry, he's building it.

#The Impact

in every stitch

In the face of climate change and growing concerns about the sustainability of our current consumption patterns, Hangrr is pioneering a novel approach in the fashion industry. Our goal is much more than just creating custom-tailored clothing; it's about creating a future where fashion contributes to the health of our planet rather than its harm.

When you wear Hangrr, you're not only embracing individuality and quality – you're also championing sustainability. With every stitch, you're making a statement about the kind of world you want to live in – one where fashion and responsibility coexist in harmony.
Sustainable custom suits

make a better
world 🌎

You get:
- Perfect Fits - Uniquely Crafted
- Unmatchable Value - 365 Days
- Long-Lasting Luxury Clothing

You give:
- 76% lower textile fresh-water usage
- 85% reduction in fashion landfills
- Saving natural resources = less CO2

Slow Fashion
zero waste
recude landfills
conserve water


Style is not a display of wealth but an expression of imagination.

- Anonymous

How we are building change - one suit at a time:

+ In-house Eco-Conscious Manufacturing
We've taken sustainability and quality to the levels of absolute luxury. By owning and operating our manufacturing process we get complete control and it guarantees the stringent quality we're known for from design to the final stitch. Moreover, by eliminating the middlemen, we provide luxury clothing suits at cost-effective prices - thus democratizing luxury for all. Our A.i. enabled processes ensure speedy delivery and quick adjustments to meet individual needs. This also empowers us to weave sustainable practices throughout production, from minimizing waste to providing a safe, eco-friendly environment for our workers. Every Hangrr suit is a product of eco-conscious manufacturing practices that prioritize the planet.
+ Longevity ingrained in every product
Sustainability at Hangrr is also about longevity. Our suits are designed to be timeless – with classic styles that defy fleeting trends, and quality craftsmanship that withstands the test of time. By investing in a Hangrr suit, you are choosing to reduce the cycle of fast fashion and its associated waste.
+ Promoting a sustainable mindset
We believe in creating not just sustainable clothing but also in fostering a sustainable mindset. Through transparent communication about our practices, we hope to inspire our customers and the broader fashion industry to adopt more sustainable habits.

When you wear Hangrr, you're not only embracing individuality and quality – you're also championing sustainability. With every stitch, you're making a statement about the kind of world you want to live in – one where fashion and responsibility coexist in harmony.

Fitted by A.i.

Sustainable custom suits


At Hangrr,
hand-crafted ART meets the most advanced artificial intelligence to create luxury suits custom-made for you.

Dress dapper & build clothes that fit your body & personality - perfectly.