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At Hangrr, we believe that every suit should be a masterpiece. We combine exquisite craftsmanship, innovative technology, and sustainable practices to create bespoke suits and tuxedos that stand out.

The fashion industry's fast-paced trends have often overlooked quality and craftsmanship, affecting both artisans and the environment. We are here to change that narrative.

All Hangrr custom made suits are hand-crafted in our advanced facility, where traditional tailoring meets groundbreaking AI technology. This synergy ensures impeccable fit and superior quality, all while offering unparalleled value.



At Hangrr, hand-crafted art meets artificial intelligence to create stunning customized clothing for you. The result - you enjoy custom-fitted, sustainable & high-quality clothing, and our planet sees an 85% reduction in textile-related landfills & 76% reduction in freshwater use.

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Hand crafted
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1000s of luxury fabrics meticulously curated from every corner of the globe. We offer the best Supima cotton from the US, luxurious Italian-milled wools, 100% authentic Belgian Flax Linen, and versatile stretch vegan fabrics from India. With a spectrum of colors at your fingertips, you can create any suit you like!



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About our Custom Made Suits

At Hangrr, experience custom suits online like never before. Our bespoke suits are meticulously crafted to unique measurements & design - ensuring a flawless perfect fit.

With over a decade of luxury-bespoke tailoring expertise, we combine the art of traditional suit-making with cutting-edge AI technology to deliver unparalleled quality and precision.

About our suits ➔
  Half-Canvas, Custom Fit Suits & Tuxedos
+ A Hangrr bespoke suit vs an off-the-rack suit?
Every Hangrr suit is tailored to your exact measurements and personal style preferences, ensuring a perfect fit and unique look. In contrast, an off-the-rack suit is mass-produced in standard sizes, which always results in a poor fit & boring designs.
+ How do I take my measurements for my tailored suit?
Taking your measurements for a tailored suit is simple with Hangrr’s AI-powered system. Our step-by-step guide ensures accuracy. Additionally, our personal stylists are available to assist you, ensuring your custom-made suit fits perfectly.
+ How are hand-made suits better?
Hand-made suits are superior due to their exceptional fit, as they are tailored to your precise measurements, ensuring comfort and style. The craftsmanship involved means that skilled artisans meticulously attend to every detail, resulting in higher quality and durability. Hangrr suits offer complete customization, allowing you to choose fabrics, and design elements that reflect your personal style. Additionally, our hand-made suits use premium materials from renowned mills, ensuring a unique, personalized garment that stands out and lasts longer than mass-produced alternatives.
+ How fast can I get a tailored suit from Hangrr?
You can get your tailored suit from Hangrr in as early as 7-10 days with our expedited options. Our standard delivery time is 3-4 weeks across the globe. We understand that sometimes you need your custom-made suit fast for important events - and we have you covered!
+ How do I know if I need a Custom Suit?
You might need a custom suit if you value a perfect fit, personalized style, and high-quality craftsmanship. Off-the-rack suits neither fit nor do they meet your style preferences. A custom suit ensures a flawless fit tailored to your exact measurements. Our custom suits also offer a wide range of fabric and design options, allowing you to create a unique garment that reflects your personality and needs. Whether it's for a special occasion, professional attire, or simply a desire for a superior fit and finish, a Hangrr tailored suit can significantly elevate your wardrobe.
+ How should I tailor a suit for a wedding?
When choosing a tailored suit for a wedding, consider the theme, color scheme, and formality of the event. Hangrr offers a variety of styles and fabrics to ensure you look your best on your special day. Our personal stylists can help you select the perfect hand-made suit for your wedding.
+ Can I get a vegan custom-made suit?
Yes, Hangrr offers vegan tailored suits made from high-quality, cruelty-free materials. Our vegan suits provide the same exceptional fit and style as our traditional suits, aligning with your ethical values.
+ How is Hangrr's Suit AI most advanced?
At Hangrr we have developed the most advanced Suit AI technology to guarantee a perfect fit custom suits. Our AI system, developed by top tech graduates, uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze your measurements and body shape. This ensures precise tailoring that matches your unique dimensions. The Suit AI also provides highly accurate color and design. With Suit AI, you can confidently design a suit that not only fits perfectly but also reflects your personal style, all from the comfort of your home.
+ How to Take Care of Your Suit
A suit is a sophisticated garment that requires special attention to maintain its quality and longevity. Based on its composition and internal structure, a suit needs more than just a simple wash. Can you machine wash a suit? No, a suit should be taken to laundry professionals who use dry cleaning techniques specifically designed for delicate fabrics. Can I iron my suit? Yes, you can iron your suit, but the best approach is to hang it up so the creases naturally fall out. If you need to press your suit at home, proceed with caution. Always use a piece of cloth between the iron and your suit, consider turning it inside out, and adjust the temperature based on the fabric type to prevent damage. How often should you replace suits? A Hangrr made-to-measure suit is designed to last. With proper care and if your weight remains stable, a tailored suit can be a staple in your wardrobe for many years. Taking the time to properly care for your suit will ensure it stays in top condition, providing long-lasting style and comfort.


Custom suits made sustainably

What you get?
1) Great Fits - Uniquely Crafted
2) Lasting Sustainable Clothing
3) Designed for you - not models

What the world gets?
1) 76% Reduction in fresh-water usage in textiles
2) 85% reduction in textile landfills
3) Lower depletion of natural resources


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