+ Alterations
We want to be with you at every step of the way. We want to ensure that you drive maximum value from your clothing. Hence, we came up with our amazing alteration policy. It not only gives you the complete confidence to know that no matter what your clothes will fit your taste, it also gives you the ease of size-free shopping.

180 Days Free Alterations
For all your Hangrr products we give you a free alteration anytime in 180 days from the date on purchase. You might have lost some weight or gained some, but that will no longer mean you have to wear your old fits. We are with you in the journey of always looking dapper.
This one-of-a-kind service gives you the complete ease of mind while shopping online.

When to avail free alteration?
Anytime you like. Just anytime.
All you need to tell us is what you would like to change. For instance, if you lost weight you can let us know to tighten your jacket by 1.5 inch. We will only be able to alter changes that are at least an inch or more. Alterations once made cannot be reversed. Also, please note garments cannot be altered by more than the seam allowances. Please check with your designated Hangrr stylist for acceptable alteration guide & seam allowances.

How to ship for alterations?
You can get in touch with our conceirge team to ship us your Hangrr garment for alteration. All alterations need to be self shipped to our production facility with the tagging instructions given by our support staff. The alteration shipping charges will be reimbursed to your Hangrr e-wallet and can be used anytime. You will need to forward your shipping bill invoice to us for the same. The maximum credit would be 10% of the product value at the time of purchase.

Return Shipping?
We will ship you the product after alteration with no additional cost. Absolutely Free!

You can also avail re-alterations if you like. But those will be chargable as per the rates prevalant at the time of alteration.

Alter Locally?
If you wish to alter locally, we have still got you covered! You can get it altered locally and let us know the changes made & alteration invoice. First, we will save the changes for all future orders & second we will refund you the invoice value to your Hangrr Wallet. (All alteration credits are capped at 10% of total product value at the time of purchase).
+ Remakes
Your peace of mind is of atmost importance to us. If your garment cannot be altered, we will remake your first garment for no additional charges. Guaranteed. You can ask for a Remake anytime before 30 days of receiving your product. Read remake faqs for more details.
+ Shipping
We ship to almost all major countries in the world. We have free shipping available for countries including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, India, Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan & South Africa. We ship to over 84 countries. You can place an order and incase if we do not ship to that country we will let you know asap. You can always send us an email or chat with our support team in case you have any questions. Some countries not listed may incur additional shipping charges.
+ Returns & Exchanges
We got you covered 360 degree with our super awesome 180 Day free alteration & 30 day free remake policies. This ensures that every garment you custom make with Hangrr is secure & perfect every single time. There is not a chance in the world that you would not fall in love with custom made products made specially for you. There is a popular quote amongst our customers - 'Once you wear a Hangrr fit, nothing fits your life better!'

Well, we live to make you happy. In an unlikely event that you face any problem with your order, we would do our level best to make it to solve it for you asap. For all custom products returns are based on the following points.

a) If you receive a different product to what you had ordered.
Ans: We have got you covered. No sweat
When ordering online, slight differences in shade of a product are possible. All fits follow standard AQL norms and might vary by industry acceptable 1/2 inch differences. Other than this, in an event a totally wrong product reaches you for any reason, we will replace it for no extra cost. Guarantee!

b) If your fit is not perfect?
Ans: Again, you are covered. Please read our Alterations Policy for the same.

c) My order was placed by mistake. I want to cancel my order.
Ans: No problem at all.
If you feel you have placed an order by mistake, please notify us no later than 12 hours as after that we will not be able to issue you a refund as the production process would have started. Please note, expedited orders cannot be cancelled. Also, there will be a 10% cancellation fee in all cases (Payment gateway fees).

d) If you receive a defective product?
Ans: We will not live with this sin! You shall bear no pain!
At Hangrr, every product is 100% individually custom made and handmade according to the customer's design and size preferences. In the case of a production error, please send an email to care@hangrr.com. We will check the issue with our video & photo feeds of your product to verify any damages possible. If your request for return is accepted, the customer will be notified within 2 business days. We will then exchange your product for no extra cost.

*No returns/ exchanges can be made for accessories & Gift cards. All sales are final. ** All customers are always covered with 180 Days free alterations & Free remakes on their first order in all cases to ensure hassle free, risk free shopping every single time!
+ Duties & taxes
Not to us for sure. But in case of countries other than USA/Australia/India, if your country has some local taxes/ customs applicable on imports you might have to bear those charges. We recommend checking with your local customs office for these charges before placing your order. Since these type of taxes and charges are subject to change at any time we cannot incorporate these charges at our end. We are confident that the effective price to you even after the local duty will prove to be of a much greater value for money because of the sheer quality & value for money with Hangrr.

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