+ Are all my online transactions 100% secure?
All transactions made are through the best global online payment merchant with the highest security experts. The customer receives a prompt payment confirmation when payment details are entered and the ordering process is concluded. We never store any of your card information at all. Our payments are processed with the most trusted partners like Paypal and top banks like HDFC, American Express, etc. Just like we are the experts in modern day clothing, we let the experts in online payment security handle their business. It helps us in ensuring a 100% secure transaction every single time.
+ My card is charged but my order is not confirmed?
Do not worry just send us an email at care@hangrr.com and we will take care of it. If we have received your transfer in our account we will let you know and confirm your order at our end, or else your bank should automatically wire it back into your account in around 10 working days.
+ What are the available payment options?
Currently, you can choose to pay by your credit card or paypal account. We are constantly working to get you more options and ease of processing your payments.

Please let us know if you are having any difficulty processing your payments, we would do our level best to find a solution to the problem.
+ I want to place an order, but am having difficulty with the payment options?
Please send an email to us and we will start work on your order and in the mean time we can figure out a way to get your transfer.

We are always here for you and will be happy to assist you in all ways possible. Feel free to drop us an email at care@hangrr.com anytime.
Unable to find an answer to your question? Write to us at care@hangrr.com