Why measure?
So that you don't wear anything that doesn't fit in your life!
At Hangrr, every single garment is made custom only for you. To make sure it fits you perfectly there is no better way than to know your exact body shape and size. So, you measure yourself to ensure you get clothes that make you feel awesome!
Why do you need my measurements?
Hangrr makes custom made clothes based on your measurements. Hence we require them to deliver amazing bespoke fits to all our customers.<
How do measurements happen?
Soon after your order our stylists will get in touch with you for your measurements. We believe the best person to get them done accurately is you, no one understands your body better than you. So we help you help us with your measurements.
Who takes my measurements?
You can take your own measurements. You can use a little help from a friend/ family or spouse and within 10 minutes be ready with your complete measurement profile.
What do I need to take my measurements?
All you need is a measure tape, a friend and 10 minutes of your time. The rest you can just follow our stylist's directions and they will personally assist you to get them right.
Do I need to go to a tailor?
No, you don't need to. It is extremely easy to get your measurements right by yourself. If you still feel you need to see your tailor, please contact us for a tailor help guide and please ask him/her to follow it carefully.
Who can help me with my measuremnts?
Absolutely anyone. The whole purpose is to ensure you look awesome when you receive your Hangrr clothing. He/ she could be your friend, a family member, a neighbour, your spouse - anybody who could spare 10 minutes of their time for you.
When can I get my measurements done?
That's the best part. Anytime you like from the comfort of your home!
What if I am not sure if I can measure myself?
Well, we can understand. Write to us and we will find a solution for you and will be happy to assist you in anyway possible. We are always there for you, just drop an email at care@hangrr.com
Can I upload my measurements in Centimeters?
We would want the measurements to be in inches. That helps us ensure the best possible procedures and avoids any confusions or errors in the process. If you still insist we will manage the conversions at our end.
Where do I get a tape measure from?
If you don't already have one, these are freely available locally at any stationary shop for a very minimal charge. Incase you have difficulty finding one let us know on care@hangrr.com
Can I base my measurements on a well fitting suit that I own?
Our style of producing the best fits is very unique and currently you cannot base your measurements on a well fit suit that you have. You can visit us at our stores or pop-up shops when we are in your city.