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35 Stylish Barn Wedding Outfit Ideas For Men

Published on: 2023-10-23

Barn Wedding Outfit for Groom

Getting hitched in a barn? Heck yes! Barn weddings are all about that cozy, rustic vibe. And as the groom, you've gotta look sharp, but still fit that laid-back, dance-under-the-stars mood. It's a fine line between farm casual and wedding glam, and we totally get it.

Enter Hangrr: your style BFF. With cool tech and fab fabrics, we're here to make you look like a million bucks without breaking a sweat. Ready to get inspired? Check out our list of "35 barn-tastic wedding outfits for the groom." Dive in, have fun, and find that perfect getup for your big day. Let's get this party started!

Table of Contents

Green Barn Wedding Suits
Blue Barn Wedding Suits
Tan Barn Wedding Suits
Pastel Barn Wedding Suits
Burgundy Barn Wedding Suits
Grey Barn Wedding Suits


Green Barn Wedding Suits

In a world of endless hues, green emerges as the emblem of nature, vitality, and fresh beginnings. Perfect for those seeking to tie the knot amidst the rustic elegance of a barn, green suits channel the very essence of the countryside. Whether you're gravitating towards deep forest tones or soft pastel shades, green offers a spectrum of possibilities that can harmonize with any barn wedding theme. Ready to embrace the charm of nature? Let’s find the ideal shade of green to make your barn wedding a celebration to remember.

  1. Wyoming Forest Green Wool Suit

    The Wyoming Forest Green Wool Suit channels the essence of a country wedding in all its rustic glory. This deep shade of green is reminiscent of the tranquil woods, making it an excellent choice for a barn wedding outfit for the groom. This suit exudes an earthy elegance that can be accessorized to perfection for a formal barn wedding, or dressed down for a more relaxed country atmosphere. Ideal for fall weddings, this suit captures the changing leaves and natural serenity.

    Shop Here: Wyoming Forest Green Wool Suit

  2. Sage Green Wool Suit

    Channel the calm of countryside pastures with the Sage Green Wool Suit. Tailored for those spring and summer barn weddings, this hue complements the natural surroundings. It's a refreshing choice that merges seamlessly with the pastoral settings of a country wedding, be it for the groom or a well-dressed guest.

    Shop Here: Sage Green Wool Suit 

  3. Forest Green Linen Suit

    Dive deep into nature's embrace with the Forest Green Linen Suit. Perfectly suited for a barn wedding nestled amidst trees, this ensemble brings forth the greenery of the surroundings, creating a harmonious look for grooms and guests alike.

    Shop Here: Forest Green Linen Suit

  4. Alaska Pine Green Wool Suit

    Marrying the rustic charm of a barn wedding with the sophistication of modern attire, the Alaska Pine Green Wool Suit is a showstopper. This deep green is perfect for grooms aiming to make a subtle yet impactful statement. Especially fitting for winter barn weddings, this suit reflects the evergreen nature of love.

    Shop Here: Alaska Pine Green Wool Suit

  5. Eucalyptus Green Wool Suit

    Capturing the fresh essence of the outdoors, the Eucalyptus Green Wool Suit is a nod to nature’s beauty. Ideal for springtime barn nuptials, this suit offers a breath of fresh air while ensuring a stylish presence amidst wooden arches and floral centerpieces.

    Shop Here: Eucalyptus Green Wool Suit

  6. Sage Green Vegan Suit

    Marrying eco-consciousness with sartorial elegance, the Sage Green Vegan Suit beautifully embodies the spirit of nature. This soft green hue brings forth memories of dew-kissed mornings, making it an impeccable choice for spring barn weddings. Dress it up or down; either way, you're making a statement of care – both for fashion and the planet.

    Shop Here: Sage Green Vegan Suit

  7. Austin Green Vegan Suit

    With a shade reminiscent of fresh foliage, the Austin Green Vegan Suit is a fresh take on barn wedding attire. The vegan fabric speaks to sustainable choices, making it perfect for the eco-conscious groom or guest. This ensemble seamlessly blends the rustic charm of barn settings with a contemporary twist.

    Shop Here: Austin Green Vegan Suit

  8. Moss Green Cotton Suit

    Drawing inspiration from woodlands and meadows, the Moss Green Cotton Suit embodies the heart of nature. A fitting choice for a barn wedding surrounded by lush landscapes, this suit adds a touch of organic elegance to the day's proceedings.

    Shop Here: Moss Green Cotton Suit

  9. Olive Green Cotton Suit

    Deeply rooted in nature's palette, the Olive Green Cotton Suit brings a touch of military elegance to the rustic backdrop of a barn wedding. Whether you're a guest or the groom, this ensemble adds a sense of grounded sophistication, especially when paired with earth-toned accessories.

    Shop Here: Olive Green Cotton Suit

  10. Sage Mint Green Wool Suit

    A refreshing blend of rustic charm and contemporary style, the Sage Mint Green Wool Suit is perfect for grooms looking to make a light-hearted yet impactful statement. Echoing the vibrant outdoors of a country wedding, this suit is perfect for daytime celebrations in the open barn setting. Dress it up with darker accessories or keep it light and breezy for a summer barn fiesta.

    Shop Here: Sage Mint Green Wool Suit  

    Blue Barn Wedding Suits

    Navigating the vast expanse of the blue spectrum, one is reminded of clear skies, tranquil waters, and the calm that comes with the onset of dusk. When it comes to barn weddings, blue suits encapsulate a harmony of tradition with a splash of modern elegance. From deep navy undertones to light azure hints, blue seamlessly bridges the gap between the rustic charm of a barn setting and the sophistication of contemporary style. Ready to dive into the world of blue? Let's chart the course to discover the perfect shade of blue for your barn wedding rendezvous.

  11. Pastel Sky Blue Wool Suit

    Capture the gentle hues of the open sky with the Pastel Sky Blue Wool Suit. Perfectly aligned with a daytime barn wedding, this light blue ensemble resonates with spring and summer celebrations. While light in color, its subtle sophistication ensures that it doesn’t overshadow the bride, yet stands out in a sea of guests. Whether it's a barn wedding guest outfit or for the groom himself, this suit offers versatility in spades.

    Shop Here: Pastel Sky Blue Wool Suit

  12. Newport Navy Blue Suit 

    Elegance meets tradition in the Newport Navy Blue Suit. Perfect for grooms who want to uphold a classic aesthetic in a rustic barn setting. Especially suited for evening events, this deep blue hue complements the ambient lighting of lanterns and fairy lights in a barn setting.

    Shop Here: Newport Navy Blue Suit 

  13.  Light Blue Suit

    Airy, gentle, and fresh, the Light Blue Suit is reminiscent of clear summer skies, making it a prime choice for spring and summer barn weddings. Its soft shade offers a relaxed feel, perfect for daytime celebrations. And while it leans casual, a few select accessories can elevate this ensemble to fit even the more formal barn settings.

    Shop Here: Light Blue Suit 

  14. Sartorial Navy Herringbone Suit

    Intricacy meets elegance with the Sartorial Navy Herringbone Suit. The herringbone pattern lends a vintage touch, making it a superb choice for a barn wedding that leans towards old-world charm. Suitable for both daytime and dusk ceremonies, this suit harmoniously blends with the countryside aesthetic.

    Shop Here: Sartorial Navy Herringbone Suit 

  15. Hayes Navy Birdseye Suit

    Dark, classic, and timeless, the Hayes Navy Blue Birdseye Suit lends itself beautifully to the stoic backdrop of a barn. Especially recommended for evening barn weddings, this suit carries a certain gravitas. While its dark shade speaks to formality, the intricate birdseye pattern introduces a hint of playfulness, suitable for both formal and casual barn events.

    Shop Here: Hayes Navy Birdseye Suit 

  16. Carmel Light Blue Vegan Suit

    Infusing the brightness of clear skies with conscious fashion, the Carmel Light Blue Vegan Suit is the epitome of ethical elegance. Tailored for those sunny barn weddings, its light blue shade sings of joy and celebration. For the environmentally-aware groom or guest, this suit offers a sustainable choice without compromising on style.

    Shop Here: Carmel Light Blue Vegan Suit 

    Brown Barn Wedding Suit

    Traversing the rich palette of browns, one is instantly transported to the earthy allure of woodland trails, vintage leather, and cozy autumn afternoons. In the context of barn weddings, brown suits echo the inherent rustic vibe of weathered wood and the timeless charm of bygone eras. From deep chestnut to soft taupe, the spectrum of brown offers an array of choices that are both grounded and elegant. Thinking of echoing the rustic ambiance with your attire? Let's embark on a journey to uncover the quintessential shade of brown for your barn wedding celebration.

  17. Wisconsin Brown Nailhead Suit

    There's nothing that screams barn wedding attire for men more than the warm undertones of the Wisconsin Brown Nailhead Suit. This suit carries an authentic country vibe, with a shade that mirrors the wooden textures of a classic barn. Whether it's a daytime celebration or an evening soiree, this ensemble has the gravity and grace to fit right in.

    Shop Here: Wisconsin Brown Nailhead Suit

  18. Earthy Country Brown Wool Suit

    Evoking the rich hues of the country landscape, this suit is the embodiment of a rustic barn wedding. The Earthy Country Brown Wool Suit blends seamlessly with wooden backdrops, making it a perfect choice for men seeking a harmonious blend with nature. Dress it up with leather accessories to encapsulate the full barn experience.

    Shop Here: Earthy Country Brown Wool Suit 

  19. Sand Brown Wool Suit

    Taking inspiration from rustic terrains, the Sand Brown Wool Suit captures the heart of country weddings. This suit’s warm tone reflects the serene landscapes surrounding barn venues. Accessorize with earthy tones to truly embrace the country essence.

    Shop Here: Sand Brown Wool Suit 

  20. Khaki Brown Linen Suit

    Melding effortlessly with the earthy tones of a barn, the Khaki Brown Linen Suit is a testament to rustic elegance. It's a choice that mirrors the natural tones of countryside terrains, making it perfect for barn weddings aiming for an authentic country feel.

    Shop Here: Khaki Brown Linen Suit 

  21. Siena Coffee Brown Linen Suit

    Channeling the earthy tones of countryside terrains, the Siena Coffee Brown Linen Suit is an ode to rustic elegance. The deep brown resonates with the timbers of a classic barn, ensuring you're in sync with the venue while exuding a unique charm.

    Shop Here: Siena Coffee Brown Linen Suit 

  22. Muted Beige Cotton Suit

    Subtle and sophisticated, the Muted Beige Cotton Suit offers a neutral canvas that can be accessorized to perfection. Ideal for daytime barn weddings, its soft shade complements the natural lighting, allowing for a harmonious blend with the surroundings.

    Shop Here: Muted Beige Cotton Suit 

    Burgundy Barn Wedding Suits

    Venturing into the profound realm of burgundies, one is embraced by the warmth of vintage wine cellars, autumnal foliage, and the rich tapestries of regal courts. For the barn wedding aficionado, burgundy suits capture a sophisticated contrast, merging the barn's inherent rustic simplicity with a deep, passionate flair. From the muted tones reminiscent of crushed berries to the vibrant shades of sunset's glow, burgundy beckons with a promise of elegance and distinction. Considering a hue that stands out against the pastoral backdrop? Let's delve deep into the world of burgundy, pinpointing the perfect shade for your barn wedding extravaganza.

  23. Barcelona Burgundy Wool Suit

    Radiate regality and warmth with the Barcelona Burgundy Wool Suit. This rich shade is perfect for grooms desiring a touch of luxury amidst the rustic barn setting. Paired with the right accessories, this ensemble can transition seamlessly from a barn wedding guest outfit to the perfect groom attire for winter barn nuptials.

    Shop Here: Barcelona Burgundy Wool Suit

  24. San Diego Burgundy Cotton Suit

    Rich and regal, the San Diego Burgundy Cotton Suit is for those looking to make a statement. Whether you're the groom or a distinguished guest, this deep burgundy hue stands out against the rustic ambiance of a barn, ensuring all eyes are on you.

    Shop Here: San Diego Burgundy Cotton Suit 

  25. Burgundy Summer Linen Suit

    Warm, vibrant, and full of character, the Burgundy Summer Linen Suit is the embodiment of summertime passion. This suit resonates with barn weddings held under a blazing sun, offering a lively contrast to the rustic setting while ensuring the wearer remains cool and stylish.

    Shop Here: Burgundy Summer Linen Suit 

  26. Havana Burgundy Cotton Suit

    Wine-inspired and radiating warmth, the Havana Burgundy Cotton Suit stands out against the natural wood of a barn setting. Especially suited for fall barn weddings, this suit captures the richness of harvest season, offering a plush alternative to traditional groom attire.

    Shop Here: Havana Burgundy Cotton Suit

    Grey/Charcoal Barn Wedding Suits

    Stepping into the world of greys, one is surrounded by the gentle mists of morning, the silhouettes of urban skylines, and the serene landscapes of winter. Within the rustic walls of a barn, grey suits emerge as a harmonious blend of contemporary chic and timeless appeal. From the pale whispers of dove grey to the commanding presence of charcoal, the grey spectrum offers a canvas that can be tailored to any barn wedding vision. Pondering a hue that seamlessly integrates modernity with rustic charm? Let's navigate the nuanced shades of grey to find the ideal ensemble for your barn wedding celebration.

  27. Hudson Charcoal Nailhead Suit

    Steeped in tradition and timeless appeal, the Hudson Charcoal Nailhead Suit is perfect for those grooms and guests who desire a classic edge. This suit's dark hue is ideal for fall and winter barn weddings. The subtle nailhead pattern adds a layer of intricacy, capturing attention without being overbearing. For evening receptions in the barn, this attire stands as a benchmark of elegance.

    Shop Here: Hudson Charcoal Nailhead Suit

  28. Light Grey Hyde Sharkskin Suit

    Marrying texture with a neutral palette, the Light Grey Hyde Sharkskin Suit offers a dynamic blend of style and comfort. Especially apt for daytime barn weddings in spring or summer, this suit radiates a contemporary touch while being adaptable enough to accessorize for any barn theme.

    Shop Here: Light Grey Hyde Sharkskin Suit

  29. Tribeca Charcoal Birdseye Suit

    Intricately detailed and rich in hue, the Tribeca Charcoal Blue Birdseye Suit is for those who wish to make a statement. Its unique shade and pattern make it a splendid choice for both daytime and nighttime barn festivities.

    Shop Here: Tribeca Charcoal Birdseye Suit 

  30. Chicago Charcoal Birdseye Suit

    Balancing formality with a hint of playful texture, the Chicago Charcoal Birdseye Suit emerges as an apt choice for those cooler evenings at a barn wedding. The fine birdseye pattern adds depth and sophistication, perfect for the groom or guest who wishes to subtly stand out amidst the rustic charm of wooden beams and haystacks.

    Shop Here: Chicago Charcoal Birdseye Suit 

  31. Charcoal Shark Custom Suit

    With a shade that speaks of refinement and a texture that catches the eye, the Charcoal Shark Custom Suit is tailored for barn weddings that edge towards formality. Its dark hue pairs brilliantly with evening receptions, allowing the wearer to exude grace against the backdrop of twinkling barn lights.

    Shop Here: Charcoal Shark Custom Suit

  32. Malibu Grey Linen Suit

    Swaying on the lighter side, the Malibu Grey Linen Suit evokes the breeziness of coastal winds – a pristine choice for summer barn weddings. The linen fabric ensures comfort, while its neutral shade offers versatility in accessorizing, making it fit for both the groom and the guest.

    Shop Here: Malibu Grey Linen Suit

  33. Slate Gray Cotton Suit

    Minimalist yet impactful, the Slate Gray Cotton Suit merges urban sophistication with rustic charm. This neutral shade offers versatility, fitting seamlessly into any barn wedding theme. The cotton fabric ensures comfort throughout the festivities, allowing you to enjoy every moment in style.

    Shop Here: Slate Gray Cotton Suit

  34. Washington Charcoal Vegan Suit

    Dark and dapper with an eco-friendly edge, the Washington Charcoal Vegan Suit is a conscious choice for the modern man. Perfect for those cool evening barn weddings, its charcoal hue evokes a sense of formality, making it ideal for a refined rustic celebration.

    Shop Here: Washington Charcoal Vegan Suit

  35. Charcoal Stripe Wool Suit

    Blending the classic with the contemporary, the Charcoal Stripe Wool Suit introduces a patterned dynamic. The stripes add a layer of modern flair, while the charcoal base ensures it remains timeless. For a barn wedding that bridges the old with the new, this suit stands as an impeccable choice.

    Shop Here: Charcoal Stripe Wool Suit

In Conclusion

So here you go with the ultimate list of 35 barn wedding outfit ideas for men. Channeling the allure of a barn wedding requires attire that perfectly blends rustic charm with timeless elegance. 

But above all, let your ensemble encapsulate the romance and enchantment that a barn wedding evokes. Revel, rejoice, and create memories that feel as if they've leaped out from the pages of a classic love story.

So, armed with this ultimate guide, step confidently into your barn-themed wedding. Shine brilliantly, showcase your impeccable style, and let every stride radiate the love and joy of your special day.

Seeking expert guidance to craft your Barn Wedding suit? Our online stylists are readily available to assist you.


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Sakshi J

A marathoner, new-mother, yoga-aspirant - Sakshi started her career as a Management Consultant in London. At the same time, she was also smitten by the bug to build Hangrr. Today, she heads the design direction for the brand globally.


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