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The Barn Wedding Mens Attire : A Definitive Guide

Published on: 2023-10-12

Are you planning to say "I do" under a canopy of twinkling fairy lights? Barn weddings have gained popularity due to their rustic charm and the enchanting ambiance they offer. As a groom, choosing the right attire is paramount. After all, amidst the rustic charm, you'll want to look dapper, stay comfortable, and be ready to dance under the starlit sky. But when it comes to striking a balance with the pastoral vibes of a barn setting, things can get a little tricky.

Enter Hangrr's world of impeccable fits and vibrant palettes. Driven by advanced AI and a diverse range of fabrics, we're on a mission: to ensure you and your crew don't just fit in but truly dazzle. So, welcome aboard! In this article, we're sharing seven expert tips to help you pick the perfect barn wedding attire. Follow these tips, and we guarantee you'll look and feel your absolute best on the big day. Let's delve into the essential rules to ensure your barn wedding suit is as memorable as the setting itself.

Rule #1: Choose the right color 

The natural setting of a barn wedding beckons for earthy tones and muted shades. Think deep greens, rustic browns, or subtle blues that complement the wooden structures and green surroundings. Lighter shades of beige or tan can also be apt, especially for daytime celebrations.

For a daytime barn wedding, consider softer shades that resonate with the serene countryside. Light grays, pastel blues, soft greens, and subtle beige are all excellent choices that reflect the bucolic ambiance. These colors don't just resonate with the rustic theme but also give off a refreshing and modern appeal.

If you're aiming to stand out, deeper earthy tones can be a game-changer. A rich forest green or deep burgundy can be both eye-catching and in line with the barn wedding vibe. The key is to wear these colors confidently while balancing them out. For instance, if you opt for a bold suit color, it might be wise to keep the accessories more neutral to maintain harmony.

For evening receptions or those leaning towards a formal touch, classic shades like navy, charcoal, or deep brown are timeless. These colors can seamlessly blend with the barn's wooden textures while providing an elegant contrast. And yes, a hint of pastel accessory can add a touch of whimsy.

Your wedding suit should be a reflection not just of the venue's character but also of your personal style. Think about the shades that elevate your confidence and match your comfort level.

Don't forget, your skin tone can influence which colors flatter you the most. Those with lighter skin tones might find cooler shades like light grays or soft blues complementing. On the other hand, those with darker complexions could find earthy tones, like deep greens or rich browns, enhancing their natural glow.

It's also essential to coordinate with your partner’s attire. Open lines of communication with your significant other ensure that both of you present a united, harmonious front, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your special day.

Check out some of Hangrr’s top picks perfect for barn weddings, ensuring you look dapper as you say "I do" under those rustic beams.

Rule #2: Choose the Right Fabric

The barn wedding, with its rustic allure and nostalgic vibes, requires an ensemble that harmonizes with its surroundings. The fabric of your suit plays a pivotal role in ensuring you look the part while staying comfortable. Whether you're saying "I do" beneath the summer sun, amidst the golden hues of autumn, or under the crisp air of winter, your attire should be thoughtfully chosen.

Summer Barn Weddings:

Imagine donning a suit that, while visually appealing, leaves you sweltering under the midday sun. Summer barn celebrations necessitate breathable and lightweight materials. Heavy fabrics can make you feel too warm, especially during sunny ceremonies or dance sessions at the reception. 

Linen is a top contender for such settings. It's renowned for its breathability and its natural, slightly textured appearance that exudes a relaxed elegance. As a material, linen has the unique ability to stay cool in hot conditions, making it a stellar choice for warmer months or daytime ceremonies. Moreover, its occasional wrinkles can add to the rustic charm, making it align perfectly with the barn's laid-back vibe.

Cotton, with its natural and airy characteristics, emerges as an ideal choice. Linen, known for its cooling properties, is another top contender. Both fabrics can be tailored in soft earthy tones or muted pastels, reflecting the sun-kissed fields and blue skies of the countryside.

 Autumn Barn Weddings:

As the leaves turn golden and the air gets a slight nip, barn weddings take on an enchanting hue. During this transitional season, consider lightweight wool blends in deeper earthy tones. Lightweight wool blends offer a harmonious blend of structure and comfort. While wool might initially sound warm, lightweight versions are designed for versatility across seasons. Wool has the innate capability to regulate temperature, ensuring warmth during chillier evening receptions and breathability during warmer ceremonies.

When blended with materials like cotton or silk, it becomes even more adaptable and comfortable, making it a smart choice for a barn wedding that might see varying temperatures.They provide a bit of warmth, perfect for those cooler evenings, while retaining a relaxed yet refined look. Patterns can be subtle, drawing inspiration from the colors and textures of the fall landscape.

 Winter Barn Weddings:

Winter barn nuptials evoke images of cozy settings, with warm lights contrasting the cool outdoors. Tweed, known for its durability and warmth, becomes the fabric of choice. Velvet accents, especially in deeper colors, can add a touch of luxury to the rustic ambiance. Given the chill, an overcoat is not just stylish but also practical. Patterns can lean towards the classic, perhaps herringbones or checks, adding texture and depth to your look.

In essence, for a barn wedding, the choice of fabric should strike a balance between style and practicality. The serene countryside and the rustic charm of the barn should be echoed in your attire, ensuring you're not only comfortable but also perfectly attuned to the venue's spirit.

Linen, Cotton and tweeds specially have  the visual appeal which complements the aesthetic of barn weddings. Their natural drape, the way they move with the body, and their subtle textures can mirror the organic and earthy surroundings of a barn venue. Whether you're reciting vows under an old oak tree or dancing the night away on a reclaimed wooden floor, choosing the right fabric ensures you do so with grace, style, and utmost comfort.

In essence, while the barn provides the rustic backdrop, let the fabric of your suit interweave comfort and style, ensuring you not only look the part but also feel it.

Rule #3: Coordinate Your Wedding Party

As you stand beneath the rustic beams of your barn wedding venue, your groomsmen are by your side. These are not just your childhood friends or college buddies; they are an integral part of your wedding's aesthetic canvas. Though the aim might be to echo the rustic elegance of your barn setting, it's essential that each groomsman also has an opportunity to showcase a dash of personal style.

In yesteryears, groomsmen often sported identical outfits, presenting a unified front. While there's charm in this traditional approach, even within this paradigm, there's room for individual expression. Imagine a barn wedding with an earthy colour palette. Groomsmen could be dressed in rich brown suits, each distinguished by ties or pocket squares reflecting the various hues of a sunset - golds, oranges, or deep purples.

Modern groomsmen attire embraces diversity, moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach. With Hangrr's extensive color palette, why not explore suits in shades of olive, beige, deep blues, or even muted greens? This would mirror the pastoral beauty of a barn wedding setting. Each groomsman can flaunt a shade resonating with the natural surroundings, yet all would be tied together by the overarching barn theme. For instance, while one groomsman might select an olive-green linen suit, another could lean towards a beige cotton ensemble. This not only creates a picturesque scene but also ensures every groomsman chooses a color complementing his unique style and complexion.

Regardless of whether you gravitate towards timeless cohesion or the contemporary diverse trend, the pivotal aspect is to guarantee a seamless experience for your groomsmen. With Hangrr, this is precisely what you'll achieve. Every detail is meticulously managed by a dedicated stylist, ensuring each suit is impeccably crafted, resonating with the distinct flair of its wearer.

Immerse yourself in Hangrr's curated selection of barn-inspired wedding suits. Crafted with precision and designed to harmonise with the rustic charm, these pieces promise to elevate the ambiance of your bucolic celebration. Whether you're envisioning earthy tones or a splash of nature-inspired colors, these suits are the epitome of sartorial excellence for your grand barn wedding.

Rule #4: Say Yes to Vest

Barn weddings beautifully blend the best of two worlds - the serene outdoors and the rustic indoors. This unique setting requires some forward-thinking when it comes to your attire, ensuring you look the part for both segments of your special day. 

Imagine exchanging your vows under a vast open sky, with nature as your backdrop, and then transitioning into a barn, adorned with twinkling lights and wooden accents for the reception. The shift in ambiance, temperature, and mood requires your attire to be just as adaptable. The shift from the solemnity of the vows to the joyousness of the reception, demands an outfit that seamlessly bridges these varied moods.

A smart approach is to opt for layered attire. Starting with a lightweight well tailored suit that encapsulates the formality and grace for the outdoor ceremony. Beneath this, consider donning a stylish vest. Not only does it add an element of sophistication, but it also serves a functional purpose.

As the day transitions to evening and the setting moves indoors, the atmosphere often becomes more relaxed and celebratory. This is where the genius of your layered outfit comes into play. Feel the rhythm and want to hit the dance floor? Simply shed your suit jacket and let your vest take center stage. This ensures you remain cool, comfortable, and unrestricted in your movements, all while maintaining a polished look that's perfect for the occasion.

By planning ahead and opting for versatile pieces, you ensure that you're not just dressed for one part of your barn wedding, but you're impeccably attired for every beautiful moment.

Rule #5: Pick Appropriate Accessories

Accessories can make or break your look. For barn weddings, think leather suspenders, earth-toned ties, or even a pocket square with a subtle floral print. Boots can be a trendy footwear choice, reflecting the rustic setting.

Accessories can make or break your look. For barn weddings, think leather suspenders, earth-toned ties, or even a pocket square with a subtle floral print. Boots can be a trendy footwear choice, reflecting the rustic setting.

The Importance of the Tie:

A tie can dictate the formality of your look. If the barn setting is more laid-back, perhaps in the midst of summer, a textured tie in earthy or brighter colors might be the perfect fit. However, if the barn ambiance leans towards a formal affair, a silk tie in a solid, coordinating shade will stand you in good stead.

Bow Tie or Suspenders?

While bow ties, especially lightweight ones, can add a dash of color and character, suspenders, especially in leather, resonate with the rustic vibes of a barn setting. They are both stylish and functional, holding your ensemble together. 

Pocket Squares & Boutonnieres:

A pocket square, particularly with a subtle floral print, can be a nod to the natural surroundings of a barn. Meanwhile, boutonnieres, featuring wildflowers, succulents, or even daisies, can be a direct reflection of the rural charm. Do ensure these elements harmonize with the broader wedding theme, including the bride's bouquet.

Footwear & More:

Given the earthy setting, boots can be an excellent choice, bridging style and the rustic essence. While for a sunlit summer barn wedding, lighter footwear like loafers might be apt. Remember to pair them with socks that neither steal the show nor seem out of place.

The Finishing Touches:

While cufflinks and tie bars add a touch of refinement, hats could be a bold style statement, if you're feeling adventurous. However, always keep in mind that less is more. The aim is to enhance, not overshadow. And for those sun-soaked afternoon vows, a pair of stylish sunglasses could be both practical and fashionable.

Dressing the Entourage:

In barn weddings, the entire wedding party's attire should feel interconnected, yet individual. Groomsmen can echo your style, perhaps in lighter shades or slightly relaxed versions. Swapping traditional shirts for linen ones or vests in lieu of jackets can create a cohesive yet relaxed look.

In essence, when accessorizing for a barn wedding, balance is crucial. Your accessories should blend seamlessly with the pastoral allure of the venue, making you look effortlessly put-together.

Rule #6: Nail the X Factor: The Perfect Fit

Barn weddings, with their rustic charm, are all about authenticity and genuine moments. Amidst this serene backdrop, one element stands out as vital for the groom: the fit of the suit. Just as every barn beam and plank tells a genuine story, your suit should seamlessly narrate yours, and the fit is the language of this narration.

As you prepare to immerse in the romantic ambiance of a barn wedding, color and fabric are essential, but they're only parts of the puzzle. The defining element that pulls it all together is the fit. An impeccable fit isn't about being too tight or too relaxed; it's about crafting a silhouette that's unequivocally "you," reflecting your physique and personality.

An ill-fitted suit stands out conspicuously in a barn wedding's genuine ambiance. It can either make you look restrained or seem disheveled. But, when tailored to perfection, a suit ensures you remain the focal point, comfortably dancing under the starlit sky and mingling with your guests.

Hangrr understands this essence. Marrying tradition with innovation, Hangrr offers bespoke tailoring fused with AI-driven precision, ensuring that barn wedding charm is perfectly encapsulated in your suit without being extravagant in cost. It's the harmony of style, comfort, and affordability.

In essence, while the barn setting is relaxed and genuine, your commitment to a perfect fit should be unwavering. After all, as you walk down that rustic aisle, it's not just about wearing a suit; it's about wearing 'your' suit. And for this memorable journey, Hangrr ensures every stitch and seam narrates your story flawlessly. Dive into our curated collection for barn weddings, where style seamlessly meets comfort.

Rule #7: Custom Build Your Suit

Barn weddings, with their rustic charm and heartfelt intimacy, have specific demands when it comes to attire. This isn't just about dressing to impress but ensuring your attire is in harmony with the natural surroundings and seasonal nuances.

For summertime barn nuptials, the keyword is 'lightweight.' And it's not just the fabric that matters but its construction too. Features such as unlined jackets bring comfort to the fore, ensuring you remain cool amid sun-kissed ceremonies. Single-breasted jackets, inherently breezy and relaxed, effortlessly match the summer barn vibes. The goal is to have a suit that allows air to flow freely, keeping you fresh even when temperatures soar.

Conversely, barn weddings in winter require you to blend warmth with style. The biting chill calls for suits that insulate without adding bulk. Techniques like half-canvassing and half-lining come into play, crafting a suit that wraps you in warmth, making those chilly barn dances comfortable. This balance between insulation and sophistication is pivotal.

However, achieving this balance with off-the-rack suits is a tall order. And that's where the allure of custom tailoring shines. When you opt for a custom-built suit, especially with experts like Hangrr, it's about merging fit, seasonal demands, and your personal style. It's about crafting an ensemble that resonates with the barn setting, the season, and your individuality.

With Hangrr, the benefits of bespoke extend beyond just the fit. From summer's airy designs to winter's snug fits, every detail is personalized. Whether it's a preference for vegan suits or specific construction needs, Hangrr promises a suit that reflects both the essence of the season and your personal ethos. Plus, with dedicated stylists just a click ®away, each aspect, from color to cut, gets the expert touch.

In need of expert insights for your barn wedding attire? Hangrr's online stylists are ever-ready to guide you on this sartorial journey.

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In Conclusion

Barn weddings offer a timeless blend of rustic charm and elegance, set against nature's backdrop, providing an intimate and authentic atmosphere. As the groom, your attire should mirror this charm, striking the right balance between sophisticated and relaxed. By paying heed to each detail, from fabric selection to the perfect fit, and adding those distinct personal touches, you ensure your ensemble complements the enchanting setting. Embrace the bucolic ambiance, craft a suit that reflects both your personality and the spirit of a barn wedding, and step into your new journey looking and feeling your best. With nature as your witness and love in the air, let your tailored attire be a testament to the beauty and authenticity of your union.


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