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Seems like your shopping cart awaits the thrill of customization. With our AI assistance and stylists' expertise, let's embark on the journey of crafting clothing that's uniquely you.


+ Why is my cart empty?
Did you previously add products to your cart and is your cart now empty? This could happen if your session expired, or if you cleared your browser's cache and cookies. However, you can recover your lost items by logging into your Hangrr account and visiting the "Incomplete Orders" tab. Your previous selections will be waiting for you there.
+ How can I save my designs for later reference?
As you customize your product, your choices are automatically saved in your account. Just make sure you're logged in while making the customizations. When you revisit, you can pick up right where you left off. You'll find your designs in the 'Incomplete Orders' section of your account.
+ I placed an order, where can I find the details?
Once you've placed an order the items get removed from your cart. All the details can be found in the 'My Orders' section of your account. Here, you can track the progress of your order, view the estimated timelines, and see all the custom details you selected. If you have any queries, our customer service team is always ready to assist!

Fitted by A.i.

#Our Promise


Our fit is our promise, and it's one we take seriously. We've infused the accuracy of AI with the traditional art of tailoring to deliver a fit that is as unique as you are. The result? A near-zero alteration requirement that revolutionizes the world of custom clothing.

Even better - we've backed our products with a strong, you-centered guarantee - an unwavering promise that comprises our 180-Day Alteration Guarantee, 30-Day Free Remakes, and a 100% Fit Guarantee.


Empowering Individuality, Championing Sustainability, Crafting Fashion for Good

We not only make the best custom suits - but through path-breaking a.i. technology & sustainable manufacturing, we are drastically reducing textile waste, water usage & natural resource wastage.

Slow Fashion
zero waste
Hand crafted
recude landfills
conserve water
responsible manufacturing

About Hangrr Tech

A.i. powered

Hangrr makes fit woes a thing of the past. With just a few basic details from you, our advanced AI predicts your precise measurements. We craft a digital profile to tailor a suit that fits perfectly, right down to the last stitch. Welcome to the future of precision and individuality.

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  The backbone of the change - Lenna

custom make

Every individual is unique, every story different. In a world that's always racing, it's time to hit pause and indulge in the art of self-expression.

Hangrr's custom clothing, with its attention to detail and dedication to individuality, is more than just a fashion choice, it's a celebration of your unique narrative. At Hangrr, we invite you to partake in this celebration, to craft your identity and curate a wardrobe that's truly yours.

hangrr stylists

get your

Every Hangrr customer is matched with a dedicated senior stylist who becomes your guide in this bespoke journey. They're your confidante, ready to answer your queries, provide expert advice, and ensure that every detail of your suit is perfectly aligned with your preferences.