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Create your unique size profile in under a minute with our AI assistance. It is simpler than trying hundreds of ill-fitted sizes. Don't be standard, don't be fixed - be you!


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Learn how Lenna is re-inventing the way men shop for suits - globally!


She predicts 31 body measurements with 95% accuracy. 2x more efficient then tailors


Based on your body analysis she will get you wearing the perfect in trend styles


She is largely responsible for getting you the highest luxury for the lowest prices globally!


She is built to adapt to you changing body & preferences. Her cornerstone is to make your life simple!

Clothing should be simple and made to fit your life. Lenna is programmed with this simple philosophy. We like to keep things simple for you and adapt to the way you are most comfortable shopping.




Presenting a range of finest fabrics from the most reputed mills across the globe. From Huddersfield UK to Roger La Viale - Hangrr brings you nothing but the best.

We handpick and help manufacture some of the trendiest colors and patterns that you have ever experienced.

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Customer Stories

Winning hearts across the globe
Jonathan Hurst
Comparable to my Armani suit, and Versace Suit
The fabric quality is impressive - I have an Armani suit, and John Varvatos Suit, a couple of Versace suits - and when I wear your suits people come up and think it's like a $2k+ suit. It looks really good and the fabric does what it should by staying to form and not collecting wrinkles just by day to day movement. The details like stitching, and buttons, and other subtle accents lend to being recognized as a nice, well-made suit.
Review for: Suits / Classic
Victor Colella
Received my suit and its beautiful :) Loved It!
So, I received my suit last week, and its beautiful and I really like it. Slight issue with the trouser which I got altered locally. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to making further purchases.
Review for: Suits
Deryl Grace
The custom Tuxedo fit me excellent! Perfect!
Thanks for all your efforts. The measurements were accurate and it really made an impression on my wife. I will be sure to order more n the future and I highly recommend your services. Very impressed for an online order with self instructed measurement guides and a few photos that resulted in an outstanding fit on the first try.
Review for: Suits / Tuxedo
Timothy Fish
Very satisfied with the look and quality of the suit.
The Jacket seems to fit and looks good and the pants length is good as well. The pants would require a slight alteration, which I would do locally. Thanks for the overall quality and the fit.
Review for: Suits
Pako Major
At this point, I'd say I'm 98% happy with the fit.
i got the suits in on time. I'm very happy about that. Further, the suit-coat has a perfect fit! I'm really happy it came out so well, in both the gray and black suits
Review for: Suits
Alfred Sng
Appreciate the Quality and Service. Highly Impressed.
The in-person measurement service was good and I appreciate it. Overall quality of the Suit was good and represent a high quality workmanship. Highly impressed.
Review for: Suits


Every man should own 'a great suit'. Period. Buying a new Suit doesn't start with a click; it starts in your mind. It begins with finding which kind of suit is right for your life. Which suit works best for your personality. Are you buying a new suit for Work? Date night? A friends wedding? All three? While a great suit will make you feel sharp and sophisticated, a bad ill-fitted suit would just do the opposite and make you look like a hack. Sweat not - Though buying a right suit might sound a lot like Quantum Physics, it's certainly not with us. Our most detailed, step-by-step guide is here to help you find a great suit, at whatever price you choose to pay, that will make you look smart and handsome like you are coming to rule the world. Buying custom suits online was never this easy!

Presenting a quick step by step guide to buy custom suits online:
Step 1: Choosing the Right Color:
It certainly always and nearly always starts with picking the right color. For the purpose of getting most style miles out of your suit, the best colors, to begin with, are a classic navy, a versatile charcoal, and a solid light grey. These are good for Work. Good for job interviews. Good for pretty much everything. They are pretty much standard and work with every shirt - tie and a whole gamut of combination you can think of (t-shirt, cashmere sweater, contrast trousers). You cant go wrong with these. There is also black - but not to be worn during the daytime. Keep it sparingly in your closet and use it conservatively for the evenings. Pick the right shirt-tie combo and the right fit and you would end up looking aggressively cool.

For our suit connoisseurs, the sky is the limit. And by a connoisseur, we seriously mean that you already have a Charcoal, Navy and a light Grey in your wardrobe. You are a seasoned suit buyer and can choose and experiment with bolder colors depending on the purpose of buying the suit. An Olive suit is pretty much a menswear staple and so is a Brown Suit - they work equally well with gazillion shirt-tie combinations, do well at work as well as weddings and will bring out a lot of personality. But before you start with the OCD of choosing the right color, you should keep an eye on the fabric - its weave and blend. Buying custom suits online is not difficult if you work with the tools that we are developing.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Fabric:
Time to re-purpose your life and shift the focus from the color to the top hierarchy boss - the right Fabric. Choosing the right fabric is not a rocket science, but if you end up choosing the wrong one - it certainly becomes an embarrassing rocket launch failure. There is no denying the fact that investing in a Suit made out of Pure Wool fabric is much like investing in the right kind of a car - the one with a great horsepower. You know it's going to last for long, meant to draw the right kind of attention in an un-spotlight-y manner and is going to work superbly well in all kind of terrains - tropical - summer - winter. Contrary to the popular notion that a suit made out of pure wool should be reserved only for the winter seasons - a coffee date with our Fashion Editors would tell you just the opposite. Bespoke Suits made out of 100% Pure Wool are versatile and can be worn at any time of the year barring when its a downpour. Our tip: if you've got the dollars then investing on buying a suit made out of 100% wool fabric should be on your top-notch priority list.

Now let's talk about alternatives. Not everyone is convinced about the versatility of the Pure Wool Suits. The immediate next best alternative to this Valyrian Steel Sword like-y Pure Wool fabric is Woolrich fabric. It's the kind of a fabric made out of rich blends of Wool+Silk or Wool+Linen/ Wool+Cashmere or Wool+Polyster. Handmade Suits made out of blended Woolrich fabrics have high % of wool and fall and feel almost as fine as their richer counterpart. The Pro: Easy to maintain and easy on the pocket. The Con: Might end up making you feel cold/hot in extreme weather - sans air conditioners. And while we are at it, your best friends during the warmer months are suits made out of cotton and linen fabrics. They are luxurious, supple, vegan and staple. Another pro: they come in gazillion colors. Style Tip: Only good tailoring works well with suits made out of linen fabrics, else you might end up looking frumpy at all the wrong places. With Hangrr you can shop both linen & cotton custom suits online from the comfort of your home at never heard before pricing!

Step 3: Choosing the Right Cut:
Congratulations on arriving at the stage of making a sartorial decision on Silhouette - Single Breasted or Double Breasted. Single Breasted is and always will be 100% approved. The kind of the most staple combination - Single Breasted with Notch Lapels, 2 Buttons, and 2 vents. Its as safe of a combination as ordering a roasted chicken at the restaurant - you really can't go wrong with it. 2 buttons are modern and sleek and if you want to go for the 3rd one, then its better that it's on the rolled lapels - like the Italians would do. Never ever 4 buttons. Now, lets talk about the Double Breasted - a bit of a daredevil but a nicely cut Double Breasted Suit projects power and confidence without making you look droopy. Peak lapel vs notch lapel in a DB?- largely depends on your body frame and the weave of the fabric. The decision is not only about the front but also about the back of the suit. The Vents - the cut at the back. The most popular and functional take on the Vents are the double vents. They make the suit roomier. Single Vents are reserved for those who have nice chiseled bodies (damn those people). And never ever a suit without any vents - and if someone recommends you then just run away from them as far as you can. Next is yet another stylish alternative - the third piece - just like a leg piece. With a right three Piece Suit - you can blow the doors off the conference and definitely a good go-to option for a wedding suit

Step 4: Choosing the Right Fit:
Details. details - Its all in the details. Human psychology works in the most intricate manner. It is said that when you miss someone dearly - a dear friend, a parent, a spouse or a lover - you don't miss the person per say, you always miss the details they are made of. Now imagine the power of details when they are built in your most sophisticated piece of clothing. A suit is only as good as the details it has been made with and our research proves that AI is revolutionizing the fits when you buy custom suits online. Of course, the fit is everything. But its the combo of the right fit and intricate details is going to make you look next in line for the president. The shoulders should sit right - just where your shoulders are, the chest should be made and cut right to accentuate your torso, the silhouette should be slim cut with just enough room for you to move in easily while its still buttoned up and the lapels should be made right for your personality - Neither too broad, nor too slim. While the outer details are important - equally or more important are the inner construction details. Make sure the suit is light weight, has a good breathable lining and does not look boxy. Machine Canvas VS. Hand Canvas? - Always hand canvas suits - these are luxurious not only in the make, but in the appearance.

We guarantee that there is no better place to buy custom suits online with half-canvassed construction - than HANGRR!