The Revival of safari suit for men


Men’s Safari Suit : An Introduction

Safari suit has made a great comeback for men who want to opt for subtle choices and prefers to go for neutral earthy shades and neutral styling. Even though the latest GQ fashion magazines would suggest you wearing colorful prints & patterns, for a sartorial elegant man dressing like this would be somewhat a complete disaster. 

Even though, the concept of men’s safari jacket though is traditionally considered to have been emerged in the deepest villages of Africa where donning this desert suit is considered synonymous to being a man who is full of pride, is athletic and is full of adventure, in popular understanding safari suit for men is considered to be a sartorial fashion of the British.

One remembrance that I particularly have for the classic safari suit is of Sir Roger Moore in his classic safari suit James Bond look  from the movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. 

High fashion designers and retailers have come up with the idea of ‘Contemporary Safari suit and safari shirts’ – which is made in earthy color tones of  brown, olive green, khaki out of natural fibers like linen, cotton and sometimes even Wool.

The contemporary safari suit is pleasantly wearable given to its extremely functional designing and elegant styling.

Elements of the Safari Suit design

Contemporary safaris suits are often designed keeping in mind two things:

1. The fabric : Natural fabrics like cotton, linen and wool are good options for making a safari suit. Overall fall, drape and the feel of these fabrics work very well with the extremely functional designing of the safari suit.


2. The functionality: Utilitarian pockets are given in the safari clothes for men for practical purposes and styling can be enhanced by adding hunters’ loops, flared lapels and fancier buttons.

Points to consider before buying Safari Suit

 Classic safari suit for men should be designed keeping in mind the following:

– Collar: The Safari shirt should have a shirt type collar like this.
– Shoulder: Classic safari suit has shoulder straps also known as hunters loop along with structured shoulders.
– Pockets: Very often four flapped patch pockets with inverted box pleats are constructed.
– Sleeves: Set-in sleeves which have cuffs.
– Tailoring details: Safari suits have tailored waists.  The front has a dart that extends to the bottom hem. The front of the jacket has four buttons and has a long, single rear vent.

When and how to wear a Safari Suit

Realistically speaking contemporary safari suit can be worn both at work as well as casually. Of course safari suits make a great attire as ‘safari clothes for men’ during your travel adventures!

You can combine a safari suit with different accessory combinations and wear it at casual evenings, afternoon lunch, at work and goes without saying for a holiday adventure. A slight variation could be wearing a safari shirt with fitted trousers like this, also known as breeches.


Very recently in the popular culture, safari suit made its comeback in the Bollywood with the actor Akshay Kumar wearing a Navy Blue safari suit in ‘Special 26′ and actor Ranvir Singh wearing a blue safari suit in ‘Gunday’.

It is clear for any avid follower of men’s fashion to understand that Safari suit for men is both a mixture of function and style. It is both casual and formal enough to be worn by day, and there are enough variants in fabric and color to appeal to the masses.

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