My suit does not fit, what do I do?
In the rare case this happens, take it to any local alteration shop and have it adjusted on us. We will not let you settle for anything less than perfect.
How do I redeem my alteration insurance?
If you have had to get your suit altered, just email us the copy of your bill and we will inform you about the procedure ahead.<
How would I receive my alteration insurance?
Once you have completed all the formalities and your insurance has been approved we will issue you a $50 store credit. Hangrr reserves all rights to accept and reject any claim if found untrue/false or avoidable.
Is it necessary for me to produce the receipt?
As per our policies the furnishing of your alterations receipts are a must for you to claim your insurance money. These should be valid receipts with all necessary information of the alteration shop.
Which alteration shop should I take my suit to?
You can take it to any local alteration shop of your choice. You can email us for assistance for finding a local shop around you, we would try our best to help you find one.
Why is the alteration credit $50?
We want to ensure you don not have to pay anything from your pocket for ensuring the best fit. For that based on different countries and cost of services we offer an apt alteration credit to ensure all your expenses are covered.
The alteration shop says it can't be altered?
Not an issue. Please email us the detailed response and we will assist you with the same.
What do I need to do with the unalterable suit?
You need to ship it back to our India office before 21 days of it being shipped from our office. Please use the smallest box or bag to ship it to us and use domestic post for the best rates.
When will I receive my remake?
Your remade suit would be shipped to you within 1 week of approval and receiving your old unalterable suit.