Why are there no sizes on product pages?
So that you don't wear anything that doesn't size up in your life!
At Hangrr, every single garment is custom made only for you. To make sure it fits you perfectly there is no better way than to know your exact body shape and size. So, you can choose from our variety of automated and traditional tools to measure yourself to ensure you get clothes that make you feel awesome! We have also added new functionality to order a garment with alterations based on fixed body sizes. We believe that even though you are customizing every detail of a product, sometimes you might just be best suited to an existing size. Hence, we bring to you an amazing set of structured fits, with the minimum hassles possible. Please interact with our awesome AI - 'Lenna' during your checkout process.
Should I create a measurement profile or request changes on a fixed size?
Hangrr makes custom made clothes based on your custom requirements. Since every product is custom made, we encourage our customers to go for a custom fit product. This will require you to measure yourself up. It is very simple and is only our mental obstacle that it is time consuming. Follow our simple processes outlined in your Hangrr user account for a seamless 5 minute way to measure your self. With our latest addition of predictive measurements, it will only take less than 15 seconds. It's that simple. But if you are confident that you fit great into fixed sizes - thats great too. In that case you do not need to measure yourself. Just add your best size and customize the details that you will like. You can also choose to change small details in your sizing while you do so. Simple!
What are the options available for sizing?
Currently there are 4 options for sizing.

1) Predictive Measurements - With just 4 inputs our AI, Lenna, predicts 31 body measurements accurately.
2) Traditional Profile - With a tape measure and 5 minutes you can enter your body measurements following our step by step guides.
3) Based on Fixed Sizes - If you already fit well in fixed sizes but desire minor changes for a superior fit, we will happily get them done for you.
4) Based on Sample - If you already have a garment that fits you perfectly, you can just send us the same. We will replicate and save the fit for you. Why reinvent the wheel, right?
If you need any assistance with sizing please feel free to get in touch with your assigned Hangrr stylist. He/ she will be most happy to guide you through the process.
Authenticity of sizing information entered
We trust your inputs while making custom garments for you. So please take a little care while entering this information. All our remakes & alteration policies are governed by a fair usage policy. According to this policy we will not be able to accept remake / alteration claims if the error in judgement / entry is more than 4 inches. For instance, if you wear a size 38 and you enter 42, there is only so much we can do. Or if your chest measurement is 42 and you enter 32. So we request you to please double check your sizing information for helping us give you the best clothes you will ever wear. We are forever thankful for your coorperation and pledge our full support in the conquest of making you look dapper.
Unable to find an answer to your question? Write to us at care@hangrr.com