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James Bond Safari Suit

USD 199
Fabric: Hangrr
WoolRich, Wool Silk, Solid Weave

Length of Pants: Full / Short
Construction: Unstructured (Light & breezy)
You can change this during customization
1) Unstructured:
Unlined for comfort
Sweat Patches
Piped inner construction
No extra charges.
2) Canvassed:
Structured formal look
Premium Satin Lining
Sweat Patches
USD 69 extra charges
  Standard Shipping by - Aug 02 (USD 24)
  Expedited Shipping by - Jul 25 (++ USD 29)
James Bond Suit Styles go hand in hand with class and passion, and this beige safari suit is no exception. Perfect color for any occasion and the buttons of safari shirt can be custom made according to your height.

Be the perfect gentleman in this James Bond safari suit and have a whole different class than other would-be style aficionados. If you are a fan of James Bond Movies, you talk charming and your looks will go a long way in making you more irresistible. You have rich stories to share then do them in style. This safari suit is the easiest way to build up your everlasting impression.

Details like shoulder epaulets and beautiful patch pockets with flaps will make sure you grab attention. Made out of super fine blended fabric, this James Bond Safari suit will never let you down and you can wear it from morning to evening without having to worry about the safari suit getting wrinkled.

Construction Finesse

Hand Canvas Construction

Half-Canvas Construction

Handmade canvas
Pad-stitched Lapels
Viscose Lining
*Upgrade to our luxury hand-canvas construction while customizing your suit

Incredibly Detailed Custom Pants

Incredibly Detailed
Custom Pants

Soft Waistbands
100% cotton pockets
Soft Knee Lining
Crotch Guards
Tested Quality Zippers

Inner Suit construction style

Select your
Inner Style

You can choose between
1) Full Lined - The Classic
2) Half Lined - Best of 2 worlds
3) Unlined - The Summer Special
4) Un-structured - The casual masterpiece

Custom monogram your suit

Monogram your Identity

Express yourself inside & out. This is your space. Make it what you like! A quote you love, a loving message or your own name. This will forever stay close to your heart - quite literally

With beautiful luxurious fabrics on the outside, we ensure high class luxury even on the inside! All Hangrr Suits are crafted with brilliant attention to detail & a whole lotta love. A Half-Canvassed construction in every suit ensure a classic drape and beautiful naturally rolled lapels, making you very prone to compliments every second!

WoolRich Light Beige
Know your fabric:

Presenting the - WoolRich Light Beige fabric. This amazing beige woolsilk fabric has a solid weave and is part of our wool silk collection. This fabric weighs around 275-285 gsm.

Brand: Hangrr
Presenting a range of finest fabrics from the most reputed mills across the globe. We handpick and help manufacture some of the trendiest colors and patterns that you have ever experienced.