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Organic Pastel Tagore Jacket

USD 169
Fabric: Hangrr
Jute, All Natural Jute, Shark Weave

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Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high - These lines belong to Rabindranath Tagore and the poem talks about the freedom of mind from any kind of fears. Drawing inspiration from the Nobel laureate this Pastel Jacket has elegant detailing of patch pockets with box pleats and flaps. Made using an organic Jute fabric, this jacket is a homage to Tagore. Combine with pastel shade trousers and a round collar shirt for a classic look.

Good waistcoats are all about precision in tailoring. This waistcoat is tastefully made out of handpicked fabric and is cut precisely just like a coat - which means the waistcoat sits aptly on your shoulders (neither too short nor too big), flows perfectly well on your torso and has 2 vents at the back for ease in movement. The clamped up collar further accentuates your body silhouette and gives a very refined look.
Jute Beige Natural Jute with Slub
Know your fabric:

Presenting the - Jute Beige Natural Jute with Slub fabric. This amazing beige natural jute fabric has a shark weave and is part of our all natural jute collection. This fabric weighs around 380-400 gsm.

Brand: Hangrr
Presenting a range of finest fabrics from the most reputed mills across the globe. We handpick and help manufacture some of the trendiest colors and patterns that you have ever experienced.