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Quality & Trust - this is what we deliver every single time.

We work with talented designers from US, Australia, UK & many other places across the globe and help them bring their vision to reality. Our expert master tailors and inhouse designing team fully understands your requirements, and our stellar customer support ensures you are continously updated about the status of your work. We understand the level of perfection you desire, and every member of our company works with the same philosophy and passion. We ensure a 100% IP protection for your work and guarantee timely deliveries.

From 18th Century period clothing to the modern stylish cuts, we can do it all. We can help you with all kind of fabric patterns and requirements and also work with your selection of fabrics. We take all the trouble out for you, so that you can continute doing what you love.

Come experience Hangrr. Do drop us an email to care@hangrr.com and we will sweep you off your feet!