Cameron & Casey's Boho Wedding

Published on: 2023-10-30

Cameron's 3-piece British Khaki Cotton Suit paired with those super cool black canvas sneakers. Talk about redefining groom elegance! #HangrrStyled #GroomInnovation

Time and time again at Hangrr, we've seen grooms step into the spotlight in their finest attire. Yet, Cameron's choice stood out in an extraordinarily striking manner. The way he fused the classic charm of the British Khaki suit with the urban edge of black canvas sneakers displayed an enviable sense of style. We found ourselves repeatedly discussing his look, using it as a touchstone of fashion-forward groom attire, and frankly, we were enamored.

When the spotlight cast its light on Cameron and Casey's heartwarming nuptials, it was a visual and emotional feast. As Casey exuded bridal elegance, Cameron's outfit showcased a splendid synthesis of tradition and modern nuances.

From the onset, Cameron's choice was a beacon of his impeccable taste. This wasn't just about wearing a suit; it was about making a statement. The 3-piece British Khaki Cotton Suit from Hangrr wasn't a mere ensemble; it was a testament to Cameron's discerning eye. He brought out the dapper charm of yesteryears with the vest, layered to absolute perfection.

Cameron's journey with Hangrr was meticulous, each choice reflecting his personality. The black formal shirt, paired with a solid black tie, wasn't a mere combination; it showcased his understanding of sartorial depth. But what truly had our hearts skipping a beat was the manner in which he rounded off the look with those black canvas sneakers. Bold, different, and undeniably cool.

The finishing touch? The boutonnière, thoughtfully selected to harmonize with Casey's floral bouquet. It was more than just a detail; it symbolized their intertwined destinies and Cameron's intricate attention to detail.

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In Gratitude

Recalling Cameron and Casey's magnificent day, our hearts brim with gratitude and joy. Such moments of pure, unadulterated happiness underline why Hangrr is so deeply committed to its craft. It's about contributing, even if in a small way, to the immense joy that such occasions bring.

Knowing that we played a part in Cameron's unforgettable attire, making him look every bit as dashing as he felt, fuels our passion. Every wedding story is unique, and at Hangrr, our promise is to provide attire that does justice to these tales, putting in hours to ensure perfection.

Weddings are moments in time, forever cherished, and with Hangrr, the magic is continuous. If you're envisioning a special day in the near future, remember, we're here, ever eager to turn your sartorial dreams into reality, ensuring impeccable style for you and your party.

From the entire Hangrr family, heartfelt congratulations to Cameron and Casey. Wishing you a life filled with love, laughter, and countless beautiful moments.

And now, we pose the question: Are you prepared for us to etch a chapter in your love narrative?



Written by:
@Sak (Sakshi J, CoFounder & CDO, Hangrr)   ď‚™

Sakshi J

A marathoner, new-mother, yoga-aspirant - Sakshi started her career as a Management Consultant in London. At the same time, she was also smitten by the bug to build Hangrr. Today, she heads the design direction for the brand globally.


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