Jeremy & Lizz Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Wedding

Published on: 2023-10-31

Jeremy's Burgundy Cotton Suit paired with a soft pink formal shirt and a patterned tie. That's rustic elegance at its finest! #HangrrStyled #GroomElegance

At Hangrr, we've had the honor of adorning countless grooms for their memorable day, but Jeremy's attire truly captured our hearts. Melding the rich hue of the San Diego Burgundy Cotton Suit with the gentle touch of a pink shirt showcased a masterful balance of style and grace. The ensemble was further accentuated with a patterned tie and a boutonnière that harmonized seamlessly with Lizz's flowers. This interplay of style, imagination, and color coordination is exactly what kindles our passion at Hangrr. And amidst this, Lizz radiated pure beauty in her pristine white wedding gown.

The intimate October ceremony at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls was a testament to love, individuality, and ethically conscious choices. As the gentle light enveloped the sanctuary, their day bloomed into a canvas of rich colors and the gentle murmurs of farm life. Alongside the elegance of their vows were whimsical touches – photos with the sanctuary animals and an abundance of vegan donuts, resonating with their commitment to compassion. "We just wanted all the elements of our love and personalities woven into this day as much as possible," Lizz shared. While Lizz epitomized bridal elegance, Jeremy exuded a blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication.

From the outset, Jeremy's style vision was crystal clear. Dressed in the San Diego Burgundy Cotton Suit from Hangrr, he presented a picturesque image of pastoral elegance. The suit, with its profound colors and snug fit, symbolized Hangrr's unwavering dedication to style and craftsmanship. To complement his suit, Jeremy donned black boots, adding a charismatic edge to his attire.

As he prepared for the day to pledge his love, Jeremy trusted Hangrr. With diligence and an innate sense of style, he curated his ensemble. His choice of the burgundy cotton suit wasn't merely for fashion's sake; it was a reflection of his commitment to ethical and vegan choices. The intricate tie and boutonnière, resonating with Lizz's bouquet's shades, revealed Jeremy's love for harmonious details. Each selection, every nuance, mirrored Jeremy's individuality.

However, it was the thoughtful details that genuinely mesmerized us. The ribbons from Lizz's bouquet beautifully mirrored Jeremy's burgundy suit, crafting a visual symphony that was both touching and visually stunning.

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In Gratitude

Pondering Jeremy and Lizz's mesmerizing wedding, our hearts are filled with admiration and delight. Celebrations like these, steeped in love and meticulous attention to detail, reiterate the core of Hangrr. Through each tailored suit and every meticulous stitch, our aspiration is to magnify these priceless moments.

The unparalleled joy of realizing perfection propels our fervor, but it's the understanding that we've been an integral part of a couple's joyous occasion that truly resonates with us. Every wedding narrative is unparalleled, and at Hangrr, our dedication is to fashion attire that elevates these singular tales.

Weddings are instances of enchantment, and with Hangrr, this charm is eternal. As you conjure your future cherished memories, be assured that we are ever-present, poised to turn your sartorial aspirations into reality, promising unmatched elegance for you and your companions.

From everyone at Hangrr, our most heartfelt congratulations go out to Jeremy and Lizz. May your shared journey be as wondrous as your beautiful inauguration.

Now, we invite the question: Are you ready for us to become an integral chapter in your romantic tale?


Written by:
@Sak (Sakshi J, CoFounder & CDO, Hangrr)   ď‚™

Sakshi J

A marathoner, new-mother, yoga-aspirant - Sakshi started her career as a Management Consultant in London. At the same time, she was also smitten by the bug to build Hangrr. Today, she heads the design direction for the brand globally.


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