Savannah & Michael's Ranch Wedding

Published on: 2023-10-30

Michael's Moss Green Cotton Suit paired with brown lace-up boots. Countryside charm meets sartorial brilliance! #HangrrStyled #CountrysideElegance

At Hangrr, we've had the privilege of dressing numerous grooms for their significant moments, but Michael's ensemble undoubtedly etched a special place in our hearts. His ingenious blend of the moss green cotton suit with the laid-back vibe of the countryside was sheer artistry. It was a beautiful synergy of old-world charm with a fresh, modern twist. Seeing Michael's and Savannah's wedding photos, we couldn't help but swell with pride, understanding that our craftsmanship had become part of this outstanding look. Michael's approach to style is one we often revisit in our brainstorming sessions, suggest to future grooms, and cherish in our memories. He didn't just wear a suit; he turned it into an expression of his personality, and we at Hangrr couldn't have been more enamored.

As the day dawned at Leaping Deer Ranch, a sense of rustic allure filled the air. With hues resonating the vitality and joy of Savannah and Michael's bond, the setting was primed for a celebration rich in authenticity and sentiment. While Savannah, with her radiant charm, embodied the spirit of bridal elegance, Michael stood out, weaving a seamless tapestry of tradition and modern flair.

From the onset, Michael's look was a testament to wedding fashion evolved. Embracing the deep moss green of his cotton suit from Hangrr, he was the embodiment of a groom who appreciates nuances. The suit, with its subtle hue and distinct notch lapels, showcased Hangrr's dedication to finesse and tailoring.

The moss green wasn't just a color choice; it symbolized his and Savannah's love for nature and the serene countryside vibe they wanted to convey. Complemented by a pastel shirt that provided the ideal backdrop for a vibrant patterned tie and pocket square, each choice reflected Michael's keen sense of style. But what truly set his ensemble apart were the brown laced-up boots – a nod to rustic charm, yet undeniably trendy.

But our appreciation didn't end there. The pièce de résistance was the synchrony between Michael's attire and the surrounding pastoral elegance of the ranch. It was as if the entire setting and Michael's attire were harmoniously singing the same love song.

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In Gratitude

Reflecting upon Savannah and Michael's picturesque wedding, our hearts brim with gratification and warmth. Such ceremonies, awash with genuine feelings and shared moments, are the very reason Hangrr's mission thrives. With every suit tailored and each thread meticulously woven, our endeavor remains to add a touch more magic to these life-altering moments.

The elation in getting every nuance right drives us forward, but it's knowing we've played a part in a couple's joy that genuinely warms our souls. Every wedding story is distinct, and Hangrr's promise is constant: to design outfits befitting these individual tales, no matter the effort it takes.

Indeed, weddings are spellbinding. And with Hangrr, the magic is everlasting. As you ponder your upcoming cherished occasions, remember that we're poised and ready, eager to turn your fashion dreams into reality, guaranteeing unparalleled style for you and those accompanying you on your journey.

From everyone at Hangrr, a heartfelt congratulations to Savannah and Michael. May your life together be as enchanting as the day you began this journey.

And now, we ask, are you prepared for us to pen a chapter in your romantic tale?

Written by:
@Sak (Sakshi J, CoFounder & CDO, Hangrr)   ď‚™

Sakshi J

A marathoner, new-mother, yoga-aspirant - Sakshi started her career as a Management Consultant in London. At the same time, she was also smitten by the bug to build Hangrr. Today, she heads the design direction for the brand globally.


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